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Ophrys mammosa at Tritsis park (Athens)
Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) at Dadia forest
Kotschy's gecko (Mediodactylus kotschyi) at Evia island
Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) at Tritsis park (Athens)
Bee-eater at Kerkini lake
White-tailed Sea-eagle ( Haliaeetus albicilla) at Kerkini (Macedonia)
Red deers (Cervus elaphus) at Parnitha mountain
A fisherman at Kerkini lake
Forest at Frakto at Rodopi mountains
Rivers and streams are full of water this time of year and waterfalls are all over the area
Pinguicula crystallina sudsp. hirtiflora traps litlle insects at its sticky leaves
Orchis militaris at Falakro mountain
Pelasgus marathonicus little fish from Attica
Zygaena sp. at Oeta mountain
Nemoptera sinuata at Attica
Phelypaea coccinea at Prespa lakes
Total eclipse of the moon
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